Auto Accident

Following an auto accident, I immediately consulted my existing chiropractor and began treatment. After 7 months and approximate 40 visits my condition was still chronic and debilitating on the best of days and had not improved in approximately 2 months in any way. I had spoken to Nancy Lach at a Corvallis Chamber event and had met Dr. Daniel Lach also during this time. I was impressed by their approach to maximising recovery in the shortest time frame possible by a closely monitored course of treatment. After one month of treatment, my condition has improved by at least 3 times the recovery of the previous 7 months. I have a much reduced pain level, have more energy, and am able to grow my business as I had planned. People are actually telling me I look good - and I feel good.
Julie Shuttleworth, Corvallis, OR

Auto Accident

I came in after a car accident. My neck was sore and I was having some pain in my shoulders. Since I spend so much time working out and competing in various sports, having a healthy body is very important to me. Before getting treatment I was working out my chest with 225 Lbs on the bench press for sets of 3-4 reps. After only 3 treatments and some muscle stim the very next workout I was easily able to perform the same sets of 225 Lbs for 10 reps. Because of the care I received I was able to dramatically improve my weight training which will lead to better performance in all my sports.
Thank You!
Jason Henson, Corvallis, OR

herniated disc

My neck has improved more in the past two months of Spinal Decompression treatment than it had in the previous two years of physical therapy.
C.L., Corvallis, OR

I am stronger and more flexible and very pleased with how my back has healed and to be in no pain. Spinal Decompression has been a very worthwhile investment in my health.
L.G, Corvallis, OR

Since the first treatment I had from Dr. Lach I have not had the excruciating pain like I used to have in my back that would also shoot down my legs. I no longer have the burning, tingling and numbness in my legs and feet, which is such a huge relief.
Thank You!.
D.R., Alsea, OR


Spinal Decompression has the potential to revolutionize the care of low back pain suffers. Spinal Decompression should be a mandatory part of any treatment of low back pain. I would advocate this treatment before moving into more invasive treatments.
Lance Castellano, MD

For the past 2 years this office has been rendering care to patients suffering from disc herniation using Spinal Decompression equipment. This technology is far superior to any other traditional technologies and procedures with better results than many surgeries.
Matthew Britton, MD

I believe anyone with a herniated or degenerated disc should try Spinal Decompression first, before surgery.
Robert Channey, MD and Former Assistant Surgeon General of the United States