Auto Injury Treatment

Corvallis, Oregon Auto Injury Treatment
During a crash, your body is exposed to violent forces that can injure the delicate anatomical structures of your body. Proper diagnosis and treatment these types of injuries is essential for healing of these damaged areas. We use gentle Chiropractic care, physical therapy, massage and rehab to assist with your recovery and help get you back to a pain free and normal life

We understand how these injuries not only cause pain but can drastically affect your work, family, life and activities you enjoy. Whether it is loss of work time, leisure activities with family and kids or inability to play sports you enjoy, our goal is to get your normal life back.

If you live in the Corvallis, Oregon area and you've been injured in an auto collision, we at Timberhill Spine Care are here to help. For over 25 years We've treated hundreds of patients like you who have been injured in a car crash and we can probably help you, too.

Learn more about auto injuries and how chiropractic care can help you or call our office today at (541) 754-1947.

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